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Québécois à mon aide!

Dans quel ordre, du plus brillant au plus bête, classerez-vous ces insultes à l'intelligence?


(s'il faut en ajouter, ne vous gênez pas XD)
Bear Nuts

Traduction: Roger Ebert

La Rage des Franges

Je ressasse diverses idées depuis un certain temps, mais j'ai été jusqu'ici peu enclin à les exprimer. Tant l'on maintenant fait depuis que rester silencieux est inutile. Le climat d'intense haine anti-Obama qui flotte sur notre pays m'effraie. Je ne parle parle pas des conservateurs traditionalistes ou des républicains. Ceux-là ont leur place dans le processus politique. Collapse )

Roger Ebert (1 octobre 2009) "The anger of the festering fringe", Roger Ebert's Journal.
Bear Nuts

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Went to visit Rhia-chan yesterday. Hadn't seen her in, like, forever. It was a nice walk from the metro station to her place, except where I misremembered the address and turned around maybe four houses before hers. She could have stood on her balcony and see me backtrack!

So much hilarity was had about that. Much talking each other's head off too. Talked about how I was famous at her school (I asked her whether I was famous for being the "boy she knows with Asperger's who's studying at uni" or "boy she knows who's compeltely crazy"), and really all sorts of random stuff. We dropped by the bookshop so she could buy me a birthday gift (my birthday is next Tuesday, September 15 *wink wink nudge nudge*), then we looked around fro a movie she wanted to buy (this one was amusing because she was totally looking it under the wrong letter XD), and she ended up deciding it'd be simpler to order it off Amazon.

We came back and had a lengthy argument about how much Livejournal and Facebook were so much fundamentally different (I think they take primarily very different means to similar ends, Rhia says they have nothing in common). There were also amusing remarks about aspects of my technological illiteracy. I'm actually scared by advanced cell phones, and I don't really care for Twitter and the aforementioned Facebook. Even thought I supposedly could get all the status updates on Rhia, it feels like it would just cheapen the experience when we actually get to meet face to face and talk.

I got to play DDR. Although I failed epicly last time I went to the arcade (GOD I'm out of shape!), I did pretty good at home, and not as bad as I expected on the home mat (I have a slightly padded version myself, which for known reason, I haven't used in a while, I might lend it to her, now that I think of it...). Then we did some Mario Kart, and I definitely failed epically at it. Y'see, the last race game I actually played was on the original NES, so the whole steering wheel controller of the Wii? not very good for me XD. I was CONSTANTLY shoving myself off track. Rhia said R (her boyfriend) was not good, but he TOTALLY trounced me. Also, a nice touch was that she had already made a wee for me ^__^ Then we played some rock band. I started with the battery. Primarily because Rhia "did NOT want to hear me at the mic", and I did NOT trust me at the guitar. I did fairly good at easy (She says the learning curve for DDR fans at the battery is pretty smooth), but messed up at medium (admittedly we were pretty far in the song list by that time XD). I also tried the mic, but did not do so good (I managed a two-phrases streak max :p). I did much betters on those songs I knew the lyrics (or had listened to said lyrics when Rhia was singing), though.

Then there was dinner in the form of hamburgers and some more talking. I left with my book and a selection of games. Y'see I've played out those games I had (except Brain Age, but it's not too much fun, honestly), and couldn't be bothered to buy new ones. Also I can finally play KH: Chain of Memories! I did not even know the DS could use GBA games. I was scared of touching that latch XD
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I guess it's time for an update about what I've been up to.

Been wanting to write. Fanfiction, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, something. Been too busy procrastinating. Re-started my WOTD series at Colourlovers, and gotta be careful not to let it die again. Recently found again the Sim City 4 box I knew I had laying somewhere. Been busy installing custom content for it. blackout12 came to visit last weekend for pride celebrations. We had lots of fun. Have to get done for the next 10 days with the food I have around (budgeting is hard!). Wanted to write more stuff for the drabble tree (compilation coming soon). Am now using AIM (sixcrazyguys) in addition to MSN (circeus AT Chipped my glasses two days ago when I dropped them in the bathroom (WTF? I thought plastic is not supposed to chip, unlike glass??). Replayed through Drawn to Life (AAAARRGH Stupid Wilfre and and his STUPID scorpion!). I has a printer/scanner, which I have yet to use to actually _scan_ something. Have been mapping quite a bit, but not for the last week and a half because OMG THE HEAT, which has let off a bit today, yay. RS-san has officially become R-kun, and the other roommate is now S-kun. Neither are big talkers. S-kun in particular could almost be described as sullen. It's almost creepy in fact. Overall it's amusing how much we just stay each in our corners of the apartment.
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The move is (mostly) done and over. I say "mostly" because I still have to deal with some 2½ boxes. I know some stuff is going to stay in boxes because I just don't have nearly enough shelf space (I lost one of my two big bookshelves when I left Quebec City, and I did not get replace that space entirely, plus I have bought extra books since moving in Montreal). But I can live with that. I'm going to get a small computer desk soon.

The new room is nice. I got two roommates that are pretty cool so far (they're older than me if I'm not mistaken, it may be his haircut but I even think R-san is already balding o_O). RS-san was away most of today and left soon after the first cross-city U-Haul trip yesterday. As we were loading the second trip, rain started to fall, and when it rains, it pours goes the proverb. Fuck that was ridiculous. Violent thunderstorms. It calmed down after a while and fortunately we could avoid carrying the last two boxes of books in the rain (I was SO relieved to see none of my books seem to have been damaged by water.)

It seems like we're all three big computer users (RS-san's got a 5000$ flat-screen motherfucker!), so I suspect we're not gonna talk to each others all that much. Amusingly enough I turn out I have the master bedroom. It's got carpetting (not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. At least I don't have to worry nearly as much about the rolling chair being super annoying to the neighbours below, I guess) and is the biggest room. It's also one of the few windows in the place with screens, which is good, as we don't have AC.

The building's a stone throw from Atwater metro station (I love not having to take the bus to get to the metro!), and is amongst these awesome late 19th-century buildings. It's possibly the only post-1940 building on the whole street! XD I'm not sure yet whether I miss the old place or not. I'll get to see soon enough, I s'pose.
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