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Went to see Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride which was presented at the NFB office for the Fierté. I actually expected a pretty ambitious documentary on LGBT politics, instead what we got was a very intimate thing, a tour of various events across the world. Several bits had me a bit choked. I'm not sure why, honestly. I get in the same state whenever I re-read accounts of the White Night or Stonewall riots. Whether it was the movie itself (including some very disturbing images from Russia and some pretty pessimistic comments from a Jamaican guest at Toronto—IIRC) or just my tendency to often get overly and inappropriately emotional (and although it might a stretch given the subject matter, some other occasions have definitely been inappropriate).

Maybe it's just the way it hit so close to home, me being bi (or whatever category might be closest. I know I sure as fuck don't fit a hetero mold!) and not really out, except to a bunch of people who for the most part I've never seen face to face. And to those that didn't know, welcome to the club! I figure the pride is as good a time as any other to write that kind of things down, uh?

Or maybe it's just Aspie sel-doubt? Who knows. I liked the reflexions that you don't need to be "proud" of being gay anymore than you need to be proud of breathing oxygen, but I think you should be comfortable enough about it to be open about it. That's the complicated part, of course. And two people from the Riga pride were there to answer questions (I'm not sure whether they are guests of honor for the pride, though), and hey, I actually worked up the nerve to ask one!

And oh, look, I'm rambling almost nonsensically again.

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