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Mr. computer, bring me an Internet...

So, my OS has become dangerously unstable. I'm not entirely sure how exactly that happened, but my working hypothesis is a botched Trojan removal. How unstable do you ask? Well, let's put it this way: I didn't know Windows could crash at the login screen.

So I type this from the "second" Windows installation. Y'see, back around March of last year, my father came and we tried to fix the problem of my pirated Windows by reinstalling him. Long story short, we didn't start by wiping out the hard disk and right now I have two windows installation. I haven't yet managed to make this one fully functional. Amongst other problems I'm missing the graphic driver allowing for the correct 16:10 display (as opposed to the 5:4 display currently forced on my screen as I type this).

I'm gonna limp on it until I can have all the necessary files backed up on Charlene's old HD, and then, it'll be Operation Mindwipe.

Hopefully I can get the Internet working at home soon. At the moment it only works on wireless.

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