Circéus (six_crazy_guys) wrote,

Walt Disney love, Lefebvre style

The Guillotine for Cinderella

You got that right. Her and all the other cotton candy love princesses that have blinded us too long. Enough is enough! It's high time we showed them their place. And that is inside a tower where no prince can possibly save them.

All these perfect love stories have poisoned us for way too long. Blind princessy love is all good and well, but we seem to have forgotten to tell children that it's as much fiction as Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Rabbit. Can you imagine dozens of grown people in their 20s, 30s, 40s genuinely looking out for chocolate eggs in parks on Easter? They'd look like morons, wouldn't they? Well, guess what? That's exactly what we look like on every god-given day we spend looking from true wuv.

We don't dream about married life, we dream about the encounter! They didn't know each others, they met, kissed, lived happily ever after and had plenty children. Yay. Put the first two weeks of everyone's messed up romantic encounters, throw in plenty of unicorns running through golden fields, and maybe a few pixies fluttering around... You got yourself a contract with Walt Disney!

I'd like to see the book telling the story of Cinderella, two years later. Prince: "Where's my goddamn sword?" Cinderella: "Why the crap should I know? Look under that cape of yours that's still lying around on the floor." Prince: "It's not lying around, I was gonna pick it up." Cinderella: "My ass! You're always saying that!" Prince: "F... you!" Cendrillon: "Son of ...!"

The perfect partner out of one's dreams is the only dream, it would seem, that we believe we can achieve without work. Dream of a career, a trip, a sport, and you know you're gonna have to work and put some effort in it. But in love and war, everybody is convinced that they have their perfect princesses and princes just waiting for them because... well, just because.

Every girl think she is Cinderella, i.e. the simple princess, kind and generous... even though quite a few have more in common with the egocentric and controlling stepsister. Every guy hopes to be Prince Charming, courageous and with eyes for their love only, even though we have more to do with the impolite, hardly monogamous and rather cowardly ass.

If I ever have a little girl, the stories I'll tell will go something like: Once upon a time there were a nice girl and an okay guy. They went steady for a while, then went each on their way, having well earned joint custody. Now good night and sweet dreams... but keep your eyes open!

Lefebvre, Benoit (October 14, 2009) "Au donjon, Cendrillon", Avec prétention, Métro (Montreal), p. 38.
Tags: traduction/translation

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