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The move is (mostly) done and over. I say "mostly" because I still have to deal with some 2½ boxes. I know some stuff is going to stay in boxes because I just don't have nearly enough shelf space (I lost one of my two big bookshelves when I left Quebec City, and I did not get replace that space entirely, plus I have bought extra books since moving in Montreal). But I can live with that. I'm going to get a small computer desk soon.

The new room is nice. I got two roommates that are pretty cool so far (they're older than me if I'm not mistaken, it may be his haircut but I even think R-san is already balding o_O). RS-san was away most of today and left soon after the first cross-city U-Haul trip yesterday. As we were loading the second trip, rain started to fall, and when it rains, it pours goes the proverb. Fuck that was ridiculous. Violent thunderstorms. It calmed down after a while and fortunately we could avoid carrying the last two boxes of books in the rain (I was SO relieved to see none of my books seem to have been damaged by water.)

It seems like we're all three big computer users (RS-san's got a 5000$ flat-screen motherfucker!), so I suspect we're not gonna talk to each others all that much. Amusingly enough I turn out I have the master bedroom. It's got carpetting (not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. At least I don't have to worry nearly as much about the rolling chair being super annoying to the neighbours below, I guess) and is the biggest room. It's also one of the few windows in the place with screens, which is good, as we don't have AC.

The building's a stone throw from Atwater metro station (I love not having to take the bus to get to the metro!), and is amongst these awesome late 19th-century buildings. It's possibly the only post-1940 building on the whole street! XD I'm not sure yet whether I miss the old place or not. I'll get to see soon enough, I s'pose.

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