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Went to see Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride which was presented at the NFB office for the Fierté. I actually expected a pretty ambitious documentary on LGBT politics, instead what we got was a very intimate thing, a tour of various events across the world. Several bits had me a bit choked. I'm not sure why, honestly. I get in the same state whenever I re-read accounts of the White Night or Stonewall riots. Whether it was the movie itself (including some very disturbing images from Russia and some pretty pessimistic comments from a Jamaican guest at Toronto—IIRC) or just my tendency to often get overly and inappropriately emotional (and although it might a stretch given the subject matter, some other occasions have definitely been inappropriate).

Maybe it's just the way it hit so close to home, me being bi (or whatever category might be closest. I know I sure as fuck don't fit a hetero mold!) and not really out, except to a bunch of people who for the most part I've never seen face to face. And to those that didn't know, welcome to the club! I figure the pride is as good a time as any other to write that kind of things down, uh?

Or maybe it's just Aspie sel-doubt? Who knows. I liked the reflexions that you don't need to be "proud" of being gay anymore than you need to be proud of breathing oxygen, but I think you should be comfortable enough about it to be open about it. That's the complicated part, of course. And two people from the Riga pride were there to answer questions (I'm not sure whether they are guests of honor for the pride, though), and hey, I actually worked up the nerve to ask one!

And oh, look, I'm rambling almost nonsensically again.
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I paid 40 bucks today (well, yesterday now) to get Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. You know how, in game stores, they don't actually keep the cartridges in the boxes to prevent shoplifting? The clerk put in the WRONG GAME. So now I have two copies of Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

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This account is really living up to its name, ain't it? >___>

Well, what can I ramble about? School is almost over. With the TAs strike over at UdM my Writing class will be done only upcoming Friday with the final exam. Can't wait to have the result of the other examination the guy gave us last week. I bet I was the best informed in the whole class about the topic he offered us.

I was kinda relieved by the final in Dictionary Analysis. I managed to scrape a better grade at the second paper, but nothing fantastic. The teacher (or her assistant, I can't tell) has a very idiosyncratic way of reading our answers, and regularly you want to bash her head in since she could only make the comments she make by construing the sentence to mean exactly the opposite of what it clearly means in context. She kept saying about the midterm we were gonna be asked about the matters, not the miscellanea... and all the questions regarding the texts she wanted us to read were strictly about very specific miscellanea! I have honestly never had a class whose grading left me so constantly bitter about it.

Medical translation was fun, but I don't think I'll ever finish that Vancouver 101 cheat sheet I promised the teacher, which is a shame, really, 'cause the Internet styleguide on the website of the NLM leaves to be desired.

The final exam in Introduction to Quebec Literature was... peculiar. Y'see the teacher was all over telling us how much she was going to ask broad sweeping question covering almost all of what we'd seen during the semester, in a style similar to the questions suggested for the midterms. So I printed some 30 pages of notes (No computers allowed, and I take all my notes by comp) and brought all seven books we had to read... and then she goes and ask questions only about the second half works! Argh. What was really annoying, though, is that this was an open book exam, and the university assigned our class not a teaching amphiteater, but a conference room. You know the kind with the miniature movable writing tablets attached to the chairs? We could not open the answering sheets without them sliding off! Before the exam I sat at the back and kept laughing as people entered and stared and cursed in utter disbelief.

For Easter I visited my dad and then we went to my sis'. I had a BAD cold, but fortunately some Pseudoephedrine Sudafed eventually fixed that. I barely slept for several nights in a row (woo... Sudafed is REALLY efficient at keeping me up), but the head cold was already doing that anyway. My bad dragged us to see Clash of the Titans. God did it made an awful raped mess out of Greek mythology. And the 3-d actually impeded the movie WAY more than it helped it. When you make a 3-d movie, you plan the damn movie accordingly. Otherwise it's just a USELESS gimmick which make the action seen a confused and nauseous mess.

Had seen Alice in Wonderland (non 3-d) before. I liked it. I greatly enjoyed it, but couldn't help feeling a bit let down. I mean, this is TIM the GODDAMN batman BURTON and Alice in Frickin Wonderland, so I kinda expected the man to break out the big guns storytelling wise, but what he served up felt a bit too conventional, not to mention the climactic battle felt rather out of place.

Tonight I went out kinda randomly and saw Kick-Ass. I greatly enjoyed it. The best aspect was definitely the more down-to-heart and practical aspects of real-life superhero antics (i.e. unexpected celebrity in the Internet age). I think toning down the obligatory romance subplot (though they did keep the obligatory all-dressed sex scene to a strict minimum) would have been a great improvement: since it never genuinely ties into the broader story, it feels like a waste of narrative juices and like they are trying to tell two separate stories at the same time. Similarly, making the fights less flashy would have helped reinforcing the whole "this is what this shit looks like in real life" vibe. Amusingly enough, this movie is rated R down in Canada's Official Underpants, but PG-13 up here in Quebec :DDD
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So... My Introd. Qué. Litt. might not have brought up for me text I've enjoyed reading (though some have admittedly been interesting), it's greatly helped me understand what I liked and why.

Y'see, I grew up on Tintin, Astérix, Lucky Luke, Chrystine Brouillet, Perry Rhodan, Agatha Christie, Bob Morane, Lilian Jackson Braun, Sherlock Holmes, Isaac Asimov... All books and authors where things happen. As such I expect some sort of genuine plot when I read a book. A succession of events that ensues somewhat logically one from the other.

Unfortunately, the epitome of awesome literature in the 20th century, if the critics are to be believed, are rambling, mind-numbing accounts of the evolution of the major character's neuroses and how they interact with each others, both the character's and other characters'. This make for great reading if you are, oh I dunno, a psychiatrist, but if you want a plot you'd be better served looking at land grant charters.

I don't care that these are deep analyzable books. I can't help feeling there is a problem with the ambient critical approach in which it seems critics can't focus on characters if there is plot in the way. It seems as if plot is some sort of parasite of their dear characters.

I couldn't care less they can analyze Réjean Ducharme's L'Hiver de Force (Wild to Mild) into the next millennium and back. I still think it's barely readable tripe.
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Donc, ces jours-ci je lis Le Survenant. Comme je l'ai dit, c'est pas aussi insupportable que dans mes souvenirs. Toutefois il n'est pas impossible que le livre dans mes souvenirs soit plutôt Bonheur d'occasion... En tout les cas, c'est un roman d'amour, ce dont je n'ai jamais été particulièrement friand. Toutefois c'est un roman qui fait la part assez belle à du français québécois, et ça émoustille le linguiste amateur en moi comme c'est pas possible :p

J'ai remarqué un truc. J'en suis au chapitre 13 (soit plus de la moitié du livre), et il y a une petite triche dans la manière de présenter le personnage titre. Pour le rendre plus mystérieux, il est fait très attention de ne jamais employer son point de vue à lui, à l'exception d'un ou deux passages presque mystiques qui ne font qu'augmenter encore son aura de mystère. En outre, il n'a pour ainsi dire pas de défaut (et je vient de lire le passage où il s'en vante presque), et pour cause: jamais (du moins si je me souviens bien de ce que j'ai lu) on n'emploie le point de vue de quelqu'un qui ne l'aime pas, de ceux qui sont les "antagonistes". On vient d'avoir le point de vue d'Alphonsine, et c'était pour la faire "passer dans le camp" du Survenant. Je me demande si on va avoir le point de vue d'Amable-Didace ou de Pierre-Côme Provençal...
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Oh! U (bis)
Oh! Ursule (bis)
Pour toi d'amour mon coeur brûle (bis)

Il faudrait, il faudrait
Une pompe à vapeur
Pour éteindre le feu qui consume mon coeur


J'aime tes oreilles
En portes de grange
Elles me font penser
Aux ailes d'un ange.


J'aime tes cheveux
En forme de tignasse
Ils me font penser
Aux poils de ma vache.


J'aime tes grands pieds
Qui sentent le fromage
Si tu les lavais
Ce serait bien dommage.


J'aime ton gros nez
En forme de lucarne
Si tu le mouchais
Ca ferait tout un vacarme.


- J'aime tes sourcils
En forme de faucille
Ils me font penser
A des grosses chenilles


J'aime ta grande bouche
En forme de zig-zag
Elle me fait penser
A la mer et ses vagues


J'aime tes grands yeux,
Derrière tes lunettes.
Ils me font penser,
Aux phares de ta camionnette.


J'aime quand tu chante
Ça fait trembler les vitres
Si tu le faisait tout le temps
On n'aurait plus de moustiques


J'aime tes jambes poilues
Couvertes de cellulite
Elles me font penser
Aux collines de Saint-Tite

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Internet mostly functional. Can't seem to get Messenger to work. Currently using a clone (aMSN).

Noticed that I have some WEIRD reading habits, a selection in no particular order of book recently added to my stuff at LibraryThing:
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Mr. computer, bring me an Internet...

So, my OS has become dangerously unstable. I'm not entirely sure how exactly that happened, but my working hypothesis is a botched Trojan removal. How unstable do you ask? Well, let's put it this way: I didn't know Windows could crash at the login screen.

So I type this from the "second" Windows installation. Y'see, back around March of last year, my father came and we tried to fix the problem of my pirated Windows by reinstalling him. Long story short, we didn't start by wiping out the hard disk and right now I have two windows installation. I haven't yet managed to make this one fully functional. Amongst other problems I'm missing the graphic driver allowing for the correct 16:10 display (as opposed to the 5:4 display currently forced on my screen as I type this).

I'm gonna limp on it until I can have all the necessary files backed up on Charlene's old HD, and then, it'll be Operation Mindwipe.

Hopefully I can get the Internet working at home soon. At the moment it only works on wireless.
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« Ce que j'ai fait durant mes vacances », ces mots ne font-ils pas horriblement primaire ? Et par « primaire », je n'entend pas « primitif », mais bien « première à sixième année ». Il y a peu de choses que j'aie autant détestées à l'époque (à l'exception peut-être de l'ensemble de ma classe de sixième année eux-mêmes) que ce genre de rédactions.
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Oy, lostcleffahero! Call me, we need to talk ;p

I am, on the other hand, rather disturbed by the implication regarding zerhakker given he is a human brain plugged into an helicopter...